Georgians Looking Out for Georgians: How should we vote in this special election?

Georgians have a unique opportunity to shape the direction the entire United States will take, at least over the next two years until the next Congressional election. The choices we make on January 5th (or leading up to it, if you vote early) will dramatically affect the quality of life for all Georgians. All Americans, for that matter.

Fellow Georgians – we are being slammed with ads warning of all kinds of terrible things if we vote the wrong way, or don’t vote at all. If you’re tired of all the noise, and aren’t sure which voices to trust, offers you something different: a calm place that sets aside all the name-calling and alarm-blasting and focuses on one thing: the facts.

We look at three issues that seem most on our minds, across our great state. There are huge differences in what will happen, depending entirely on whether we send the two Democrats (Ossoff and Warnock) or even one of the Republicans (Perdue or Loeffler) to the U.S. Senate. Take a look, and then, on or before January 5th, please vote, no matter which way you decide is the right choice for you. There is as much at stake in this special election for Georgia’s U.S. Senators as there was in the Presidential race on November 3.

Thanks for your time and stay safe, Georgia.

Covid Relief and the economy

Coronavirus Relief and Economic Recovery
Likely the most critical issue of this election. Georgia, like all states, needs serious help from the feds on both crises. We’ll get more help if we elect the two Democrats and take control of the Senate away from Mitch McConnell – but should a Democratic-controlled Congress scare us, the way Senators Loeffler and Perdue say it should?

Health Care

Health Care in Georgia: Improve? Or Not?
Even before the coronavirus struck, we have been struggling on this issue. We have one of the lowest-rated health care systems in America, and a frustrating inability for many of us to afford even the barest minimum of care.  Our current Senators, like Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, favor trusting the market to take care of our health. We know what that looks like; it’s what got us to the spot we’re in. What would Biden and the Democrats do differently, and what would it mean for Georgia, if we put them in charge by electing Ossoff and Warnock?


Policing and Violent Crime
Violent crime in Georgia and the U.S. has dropped by nearly half over the past 30 years. But the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery – among others – and the ensuing protests and rioting has made this a hot issue, here in Georgia and across the country. Loeffler and Perdue say that electing Ossoff and Warnock will lead to “defunding the police,” making all Georgians less safe. Is there a grain of truth in this claim? What do the facts tell us?

About This Site

Hey y’all. Here’s what this website is all about. Leading up to the November 3 national election, a group of about 30 volunteer citizens created in an effort to inform the crucial swing/undecided voters in key swing states with facts and straight talk about the issues. The whole idea was this: Too. Much. Noise! Can we provide a website that trades in facts and reality,  calmly,  instead of name-calling and vitriol?

Well, it worked. The site received nearly 70,000 visits, including substantial numbers from key swing states – over 12,000 from Florida, nearly 3,400 from Georgia, and 8,000 from Pennsylvania. Given the importance of the two Georgia U.S. Senate races, this team of volunteers is creating to directly speak to the issues that matter to Georgia voters and how these two races will impact your lives.

We are regular people, not politicians or lobbyists or paid political activists. Some of us live in Georgia! We created this site because this run-off election is weirdly, almost unbelievably important. Our votes here in Georgia will determine two things:

  • First, who are going to be the individuals who represent us? Who, among these, candidates, will have our deepest confidence to base their decisions in Congress on what’s genuinely in the best interests of their fellow Georgians back home? At a time of multiple crises that are making the lives of Georgians really difficult, who are the folks we think are really going to have our backs? Isn’t that the question we’re all asking?
  • Second: do we think the federal government has any kind of role in helping to pay for, and support, the solving of our problems – or NOT? That’s our choice. If control of the Senate stays with Mitch McConnell, which will happen if we elect either Republican candidate, he will clearly be a roadblock to any form whatsoever of federal support. And he can do it, too, as Senate Majority Leader. Or will control of the Senate agenda move to the Democrats, which will happen if we elect both Ossoff and Warnock? Our votes will basically determine how much Joe Biden will be able to do, from the White House. That’s the question facing us: does that prospect fill enough Georgia voters with dread and alarm to elect either Loeffler or Perdue? Or are we all at a point where we recognize that right now – facing deep crises over the pandemic, the economy, racial division, wealth and health care disparity, and climate change – we need the federal government to actually be able to get some work done?

Are we all at a point where we recognize that right now – facing deep crises over the pandemic, the economy, racial division, wealth and health care disparity, and climate change – we need the federal government to actually be able to get some work done?

In the end, this website does take a stand, but we hope, after reviewing the material you find here, you recognize that it’s a stand based on facts, not on flagrant politicking that has little or no basis in actual reality. We Georgians have an opportunity on January 5th to express our voice through our vote.  We urge all Georgians – no matter how you decide to vote – to stand up and vote.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions about this website, you can reach us at 

Thanks, Georgia. Vote proudly, knowing that you are basing your vote on facts, not on ads and anger. The nation’s eyes are on us! Stay safe.