Coronavirus Relief and Economic Recovery

Who’s Going to Help Us the Most?

Georgia – like every other state, our house is on fire.

We are deeply mired in the pandemic, with way, WAY too many Georgians getting infected, hospitalized, or dying; our economy is reeling because the pandemic was never put under effective control; and our elected representatives in Washington have just not been doing their job for us.

We are in need. They are out golfing, or spreading conspiracy theories about the election, or trading stocks for personal profit based on their own Senatorial-privileged knowledge of the pandemic.

Sorry, but this has to stop. On many issues, we could all have a really good, reasonable discussion about Republicans vs Democrats or Trump vs Biden. On the coronavirus, its effect on the economy, and the government’s response, it is not even remotely close.

That’s not the opinion of the New York Times or a bunch of out-of-state liberals. That’s just a cold hard examination of facts and recent history. Let’s ask some of those cold hard questions:

What would Georgia get from a Mitch McConnell Senate?

A McConnell Senate is what we’ll get if we elect either Loeffler or Perdue. What will that get us? The answer is pretty clear: it’s what McConnell has accomplished ever since the passage of the CARES Act way back in April: not much.

A compromise bill was passed by Congress in late December, and signed – after a delay of five days – by President Trump. Compared to the bill the Democrats passed through the House way back in May, this bill is pretty stingy. Trump weighed in long after it would have been effective for him to do so, asking for a bigger payment to most US citizens, and while Democrats (led by Nancy Pelosi) passed that amendment in the House, Mitch McConnell has so far been able to shoot it down in the Senate.

It is beyond clear what Mitch McConnell cares about: retaining his own power to decide what the US Senate (and therefore the entire Congress) will even talk about, much less vote on. He is a one-man roadblock to millions upon millions of valuable government assistance that would come to Georgia and other states if Ossoff and Warnock can win these special elections. McConnell argues that he’s concerned about the federal deficit. That is a lie. His $1.5 trillion tax cut, benefitting the 10% richest Americans, shot a hole in the federal budget that will require decades to repair.

Here’s what the Democrats passed, and would bring again to the Senate floor if McConnell isn’t barring the door:

$13.8 Billion for the state        $1,297 per Georgia Resident

Read all about it here. This bill would help Georgia retain its teachers and police and firefighters. It would keep our restaurants in business. It would put urgently needed money in your pocket as a taxpayer in need of help during these hard, hard times. It would pay to do the vaccine treatments effectively and broadly so that we can get past this thing.

None of that would happen with a McConnell Senate.

The Republicans say they are concerned about the deficit. Well, their record during times when they control the White House and Congress undercuts that claim. When Trump leaves office, he will have been the president who increased the US national deficit and debt more than any other President in history. That’s not because of the pandemic; it’s because of the enormous tax cut the Republicans passed in 2017, with a cost of one and a half trillion dollars to the national treasury – with the vast majority of the benefit going to the top twenty percent.

The fact is that historically, the United States and Georgia have done better, economically, under Democratic presidents and Congressional control than under Republican control. Read about that here.

Voters tend to give the Republican party an edge on managing the economy. However, the past century and recent history both indicate that Democratic presidents have performed significantly better than Republican presidents on most economic indicators.


Why do so many people believe the exact opposite? You might tend to believe the opposite. It is a falsehood. Republican control favors big business (which then keeps them in control – just look at Loeffler and Perdue). That coddling of big business hurts consumers, but privileges some indicators, like the tax rate for our wealthiest citizens. All of that masks the fact that the U.S., driven by Republican policies since Reagan, has generated the greatest income disparity in the world, among Western industrialized countries.

Georgians, we are being fleeced. It’s time to stand up and say: No more. No more ignoring of the global killer pandemic; no more lies about private profiteering by our own elected Senators; no more blockading of the help that plain ordinary Georgians and other Americans so desperately need.

Ossoff and Warnock. They are our only hope.