Policing and Violent Crime

Which Senators – and Which Congress – Will keep Us Safe? From a Georgia Voter:  “I keep hearing from Republican Senators Loeffler and Perdue that the Democrats want to defund the police. That sounds terrifying to me. However, I’ve heard that President-elect Biden and Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock do NOT support…Continue readingPolicing and Violent Crime

Health Care Here in Georgia

How will this special election directly affect the health of our state? Anyone watching the news for the past ten years knows that Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on healthcare, and it’s no different for our Senate runoff candidates. If you want to jump down to learn more about the candidates’ positions, click here. If…Continue readingHealth Care Here in Georgia

Coronavirus Relief and Economic Recovery

Who’s Going to Help Us the Most? Georgia – like every other state, our house is on fire. We are deeply mired in the pandemic, with way, WAY too many Georgians getting infected, hospitalized, or dying; our economy is reeling because the pandemic was never put under effective control; and our elected representatives in Washington…Continue readingCoronavirus Relief and Economic Recovery